Plumbing costs survey

It’s been a while since I last agreed to participate in a phone survey. Whenever I pick up the phone and hear a polite rep asking me whether I would be willing to spend a few minutes answering some questions about any topic in the world, my automatic response is to hang up (or, if I’m in a relatively good mood to politely say “thanks but no thanks”). Well, I’m so glad I didn’t follow my intuition last Thursday, when the reps of rang! This extremely helpful website has initiated a nationwide survey designed to compare the plumbing costs charged by plumbers all over the US.

The survey was quite comprehensive, covering the many services Charlotte plumbers provide. It seemed to be very well researched and extremely professional. Once the questions were over, the super-courteous rep informed me that based on my answers, it seems our rates are slightly below both the national and the state averages. A big thumbs-up to Plumber Charlotte, and kudos to for taking this much-needed initiative. And to all my colleagues out there: take the survey, guys!